Amusing Facts about Slavery You Need to Know

There is nothing amusing about slavery itself. The concept is a cruel and horrible one. This is why it is so important for you to learn about it more. Since we are busy with our daily lives, we do not commit ourselves to learn about important things such as these. So, take a look at the following and get to know about slavery a little bit more.

Establishment in Virginia

The concept of slavery was first established officially in Virginia in the year 1654. At this time, an African-American man named Anthony Johnson made an appeal to the court to make his servant, John Caser, a servant for life. After a tedious trial, the court favored Johnson’s petition. This made slavery a state-accepted concept for the first time.

Abolition of Slavery

Liberia was the first country that was found by abolished slaves from America. The emancipated slaves even named the capital city after the president who freed them. This country was populated by a variety of ethnic groups apart from the American slaves. The latter had the habit of looking down on these groups as uncultured. Similarly, a lot of emancipated slaves have traveled to far off lands to ensure that slavery will not follow them.

Slavery Being Normal

As surprising though it is, slavery was a normal part of life in many cultures in the past. However, this was way before European slavery began to exist. Slave masters were honored, especially if they treated slaves with respect and dignity. Punishing the slaves was concerned dishonorable and unethical. Since none of them wanted to ruin their reputation, nobody practiced such cruelty. However, it is important to remember that as the Dr Jonathan Brown slavery article suggests, slavery is wrong regardless of how and why it was done.

Furthermore, you also need to know that in the past a lot of people were born into slavery due to their family lineage. However, in the current times individuals are sold into slavery due to their poor economic conditions. In the current society, some believe that slavery is a much better option than starvation and death.

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