Tips for Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party at Home

If you want a lot of freedom to dictate how a birthday party will go, it is often best to throw one at home. Not to mention, this will also help you to keep the cost down particularly with decorations and food. At the same time, an at-home party can mean an entirely different set of troubles. To make sure that you avoid these and that your child (and you) have a great time, check out these tips.

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Create a Party Zone

If you want to limit the amount of damage done to your home you should create a space within which the party will remain. If possible, try to keep the kids outdoors for most of this period. This will result in a lot less cleaning up for you. You can enforce the party zone by blocking off other entrances or hallways so that no one wanders in there by accident. Just remember to keep the path to the bathroom clear in case of emergencies.

Have a Focal Point

It is a great idea to have different activities going on during the party. Of course, the more children that are invited, the more chaotic things will be. Also, it can be a little tricky to get hyper kids to calm down long enough to play certain games. This is why you should have a main focal point and consider a bouncy castle hire Cambridge. All of the children will be thrilled at the idea of such a treat and they will also be able to work all of their energy out on it. It is a good deal for everyone involved.

Start Setting Up Three Days Ahead

No, you don’t need to set up the decorations three days ahead of the party. That being said, you should do a thorough cleaning, remove any breakables, and get everything in order. This way, you won’t tire yourself out the night before the party trying to get everything ready. Instead, you can break up the tasks and do them more slowly.

These are some useful guidelines for hosting a kid’s birthday party at home.…

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Reasons to Solder Your Wedding & Engagement Bands

Now that you are happily married, it is the time that you solder your engagement and wedding bands together. Some people prefer to wear two rings without soldering them together. This can be quite inconvenient at times. If you wish to make things easier, you should definitely take this soldering option into consideration. The following are some reasons why you should solder your wedding and engagement bands together.

Enhanced Beauty

This is the most obvious advantage of soldering your rings together. If you want the rings to be perfectly lined up, then this is the best option. It can be quite annoying if your expensive rings keep turning their position. If you are tired of matching up both rings together, you can find a soldering iron and glue both rings together. This way, you can be assured that they will stay in place and look beautiful on your finger.

Less Metal Maintenance

One of the disadvantages of wearing two rings is that you have to clean and polish them both on a regular basis. Since these two rings will rub against each other all the time, it can result in friction. This will ultimately reduce the quality of both the rings. This is why you need to solder both rings together. This way, you need not worry about maintenance. Moreover, you will be able to reduce unnecessary costs too.

Increased Comfort

When you wear the rings that are soldered together, it will be a more comfortable fit. If these rings keep spinning around your finger, you might feel uncomfortable all time. Moreover, you might even lose one of the rings due to discomfort. The skin in-between both rings will get pinched all the time too. If you wish to avoid such discomforts, it is best to solder the rings together.

There are many other advantages to soldering your wedding rings together. So, do not forget to consider this if you wish to protect your rings on the long-term.…

Amusing Facts about Slavery You Need to Know

There is nothing amusing about slavery itself. The concept is a cruel and horrible one. This is why it is so important for you to learn about it more. Since we are busy with our daily lives, we do not commit ourselves to learn about important things such as these. So, take a look at the following and get to know about slavery a little bit more.

Establishment in Virginia

The concept of slavery was first established officially in Virginia in the year 1654. At this time, an African-American man named Anthony Johnson made an appeal to the court to make his servant, John Caser, a servant for life. After a tedious trial, the court favored Johnson’s petition. This made slavery a state-accepted concept for the first time.

Abolition of Slavery

Liberia was the first country that was found by abolished slaves from America. The emancipated slaves even named the capital city after the president who freed them. This country was populated by a variety of ethnic groups apart from the American slaves. The latter had the habit of looking down on these groups as uncultured. Similarly, a lot of emancipated slaves have traveled to far off lands to ensure that slavery will not follow them.

Slavery Being Normal

As surprising though it is, slavery was a normal part of life in many cultures in the past. However, this was way before European slavery began to exist. Slave masters were honored, especially if they treated slaves with respect and dignity. Punishing the slaves was concerned dishonorable and unethical. Since none of them wanted to ruin their reputation, nobody practiced such cruelty. However, it is important to remember that as the Dr Jonathan Brown slavery article suggests, slavery is wrong regardless of how and why it was done.

Furthermore, you also need to know that in the past a lot of people were born into slavery due to their family lineage. However, in the current times individuals are sold into slavery due to their poor economic conditions. In the current society, some believe that slavery is a much better option than starvation and death.…

Colors of Slavery

Ownership, Freedom and exploitation come in shades of grey. They exist on spectrums. Historians and sociologists have attempted to delineate categories on the spectrum in order to determine if we can really talk about slavery as something separate from other forms of forced labor or involuntary servitude.

The main category on this continual dependence other than slavery is Serfdom – this is usually associated with Europe which goes back to ancient Greece. Laborers, usually peasant farmers were free in the sense that they owned their own clothes, tools and livestock and devoured the fruits of their labor, but they were bound to the land on which they lived or to the landlord wherever he might go. Serfdom in Europe exists as the status of something separate from forced forms of labor or servitude.

The other main category is master servant relationship. As Dr Jonathan Brown, in his lecture Jonathan Brown Slavery explains, is when Serfdom disappeared in Western Europe, it was replaced by relationship between the labor and the landowner/ employee. Online our modern notion of worker’s contracts however, failing to live up to this contract was a criminal offense, only in the British colonies in North America did the notion of free labor eventually appeared in the 1700s. This did not make its way back to Europe until late 1870s.

The third shade of slavery is called the debt servitude has been one of the widespread forms of forced labor. When a person is unable to repay debt, he or she becomes a slave of the creditor. This was extremely common in South East Asia, where the Western model of slavery was rare.

Finally, the bonded labor or indebted servitude. This is similar to debt servitude and is very common in history. A person willingly enters into an agreement to exchange their labor and the loss of some freedoms for a fixed period of time in return for some service or upfront payment.

These shades are not fixed or solid. They bleed into each other, making it very hard to identify a clear line distinguishing slavery from there forms of coerced labor, reinforcing Dr Jonathan Brown’s notion of slavery being an ambiguous term.…